ChowMatch (chowmatch.org) is operated by Hing Consulting, a company based in California’s Silicon Valley.

ChowMatch is a software technology that uses matching logic to connect agencies with surplus food donated by restaurants, grocery stores, caterers, farms, and many others. The technology helps to streamline the distribution of untouched surplus food to agencies and organizations such as family shelters, homeless shelters, neighborhood feeding programs, churches, schools, 100% affordable housing programs, and many other outreach programs.

In the United States, 131 billion pounds1 of our food supply goes to waste. Much of the waste includes plate waste, spoilage, blemishes, habits, over-ordering, etc.. Donors use ChowMatch to manage their food waste and food surplus.

ChowMatch is currently used in the following locations to recover and deliver several tons of food daily to feeding programs. Our current customers include:

Manna Food Center (Community Food Rescue) – Montgomery County, Maryland
San Mateo County, California
Santa Clara County, California
Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford, Logan, Mason Counties, (Gifts In the Moment), Illinois
Birmingham, Alabama (Launching 2017)

Our mission is to make ChowMatch available globally to eliminate food insecurities, food waste, and pollution.

Contact us at info@chowmatch.org if you are interested in bringing ChowMatch to your area.

1USDA 2014 Study